Notes for Organisers

The Treasure Hunts are packed with tasks & fun things to do, more than can probably be achieved in the time limit. Each team decides how many tasks they want to complete & the points & ‘treasure’ they wish to collect, which all add up to a Grand Score at the end. The tasks might involve walking around the town to find a solution & others are ‘brain-based’, easy to do in a coffee shop or bar.

There are competitive elements built in for speed against the clock, points, bonus points, and the collection of ‘treasure’, but the hunt can just as well be enjoyed without competition.

In addition, there are just-in-case clues included in the pack to help teams solve a task if they get stuck, this keeps the teams neck & neck, but may be at the expense of points.

The Treasure Hunts for are designed for use with any number of teams, (additional packs may need to be purchased) we suggest three – five participants are about right for each team.

The Treasure Hunts are fun & entertaining, not physically taxing & teams will find out some “I didn’t know that” info about the area.

Each team will need proof that they completed a task. We encourage photos to be taken so that a montage can be built up of the event as a memento to the occasion.

The Treasure Hunts are ‘stand alone‘ packages, not dependent on the co-operation of shops or bar owners, so they can take place at any time in the day or evening to suit you.

We do not believe in compromising shop & bar staff to give away free items to the teams for their ‘Treasure’ collection.