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 Black opals from  Lightening Ridge in Australia, the famed home of some of the world’s most outstanding opals are being exhibited by Payne & Son. The stones display a deep and intense array of vibrant colours which the Australian Aborigines call ‘Rainbow Serpents’ & describe their creation as the colours of the rainbow being put into a stone. Another story tells of the Creator travelling via a rainbow road to spread a message of peace on earth. With each step, the stones underfoot turned into tiny, tangible rainbows – opals.

  “The Tempest”, which weighs 519 carats is the largest carved black opal crystal ever to come to the United Kingdom! 

You can buy black, white and boulder opals from just £50 to £50,000+.

If you bring your own opals with you when you visit, John Wheeler the mine owner, will tell you more about your stones & maybe even the mining district where they were found!

Opal is the birthstone for October & good luck is thought to be assured to all those giving & receiving black opals.

The exhibition runs from Tuesday 11th October – Saturday 15th October.