About us

We design Treasure Hunts for all occasions everywhere in London and the South East of England

Treasure Hunts area a great way of getting folks together and having fun with a purpose. They are brilliant for memorable social events and the same principles can be used within learning & development programmes and for the more light-hearted moments during conferences and corporate events.

Experts within our organisation devise Treasure Hunts to suit your exact requirements whether they’re purely for fun or for team development.

Our local experts (known to the rest of us as the Deliciously Devious & Difficult Divas) are rigorously trained to know the area; their sleuthing skills to seek out great new places to go and devise clever clues know no bounds.


Each Treasure Hunt is location-specific and contains clues relevant to the area plus elements of the local history and traditions, famous people from the past and present and fun-to-know facts about the place.  

Teams compete against each other to complete the tasks using ingenuity and imagination.

For team development we work closely with our organisation’s Management Training experts (irreverently known as the MT Heads – geddit?) to develop  learning elements within the Treasure Hunts, and are skilled in providing observations of teams in action, feedback and facilitation to enhance the learning experience.

Our aim is to provide fun-to-follow Treasure Hunts with memorable outcomes whether for a Significant Special Occasion or as a Learning Investment.

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